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Grażyna Roman
Grażyna Roman © 2012
sculpture, callages, medals...
my sculptures have arrived at many realizations in solid materials, but first of all in all kinds of stone: marble, travertine, sandstone, granite, also as in a noble genuine timber: oak, elm, as well as in deep burned ceramics, and even in plastic materials. They can be found in many urban city parks, in Poland. Apart from the outdoor sculptures I have created many sacral sculptures, as for example the sculpture of St. Peter (polychromed oak), at Stella Maris Church, in Gdynia, and Madonna (Carrara marble), at Higher Spiritual Seminary, in Płock, both in Poland.
Articles: Maria Lewańska, historyk  sztuki.
Pictures: E. Ciołek ;J.Dobrowolski, M.Dobrowolski,
A.Frydrych, J.Janiszewski, S.Kuruliszwili,
St.Rutkowski, W.Stan.J.Skapski, R.Skąpski, FOTO K.Rainka
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